John Zardus

Department of Biology, The Citadel

Address: 171 Moultrie St., Charleston, SC 29409
Phone: 843.953.7511


Ph.D., 1998, Northeastern University

Research Interests

  • marine invertebrate zoology
  • benthic ecology
  • larval biology
  • population genetics
  • biology of commensal barnacles

Current and planned research projects

  • phylogenetics of commensal barnacles
  • settlement selection of turtle barnacles
  • population genetics of epibionts
  • deep evolution of bivalvia


  • Zardus, J.D., Y. Huang, C. Tran and M.G. Hadfield (2008). Microbial biofilms facilitate adhesion in biofouling invertebrates. Biological Bulletin 214: 91–98.
  • Zardus, J.D. and G.H. Balazs (2007). Two previously unreported barnacles commensal with sea turtles in Hawaii and a comparison of their difference in attachment mode. Crustaceana 80:1303-1315.
  • Zabin, C.J., J.D. Zardus, F. Pitombo, V. Fread and M.G. Hadfield (2007). A tale of three seas: consistency of natural history traits in a Caribbean-Atlantic barnacle introduced to Hawaii. Biological Invasions 9: 523-544.
  • Zardus, J.D., R.J. Etter, M.R. Chase, M.A. Rex and E.E. Boyle (2006). Bathymetric and geographic population structure in the pan-Atlantic deep-sea bivalve Deminucula atacellana (SCHENCK 1939). Molecular Ecology 15:639-651.
  • Zardus, J.D. and M.G. Hadfield (2005). Multiple origins and incursions of the Atlantic barnacle Chthamalus proteus in the Pacific. Molecular Ecology 14:3719-3733.