Pace Wilber

Southeast Regional Office, NOAA Fisheries

Address: Charleston, South Carolina
Phone: 843.460.9926
Personal Website:


Ph.D., 1988, Florida State University

Research Interests

  • Benthic ecology
  • Environmental management

Current and planned research projects

  • benthic ecology particularly within urban estuaries
  • environmental impacts from beach nourishment


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  • Yozzo, D., P. Wilber and R. Will. (2004) Beneficial use of dredged material for habitat creation, enhancement, and restoration in New York - New Jersey Harbor. Journal of Environmental Management 73:39-52.
  • Wilber, P. and L. Iocco. (2003) Using GIS to examine changes in the bathymetry of borrow pits and in Lower Bay, New York Harbor, USA. Marine Geodesy 26:49-61.