Mark Lazzaro

College of Charleston

Address: Department of Biology, 58 Coming St., Charleston, SC 29424
Personal Website:


Ph.D., 1992, University of California, Riverside

Research Interests

  • Cell biology
  • Structure and function of plant cells

Current research projects

  • role of the cytoskeleton in conifer pollen tube growth and development


  • Lazzaro MD, Marom EY, Reddy ASN (2013) Polarized cell growth, organelle motility, and cytoskeletal organization in conifer pollen tube tips are regulated by KCBP, the calmodulin-binding kinesin. Planta 238:587-597.
  • Fernando DD, Lazzaro MD, Owens JN (2005) Growth and development of conifer pollen tubes. Sex Plant Reprod 18:149-162.
  • Lazzaro MD, Cardenas L, Bhatt AP, Justus CD, Phillips MS, Holdaway-Clarke TL, Hepler PK (2005) Calcium gradients in conifer pollen tubes; dynamic properties differ from those seen in angiosperms. Journal of Experimental Botany 56:2619-2628.
  • Justus CD, Anderhag P, Goins JL, Lazzaro MD (2004) Microtubules and microfilaments coordinate to direct a fountain streaming pattern in elongating conifer pollen tube tips. Planta 219:103-109.
  • Lazzaro MD, Donohue J, Soodavar FM (2003) Disruption of cellulose synthesis by Isoxaben causes tip swelling and disorganizes cortical microtubules in elongating conifer pollen tubes. Protoplasma 220:201-207.
  • Anderhag P, Hepler PK, Lazzaro MD (2000) Microtubules and microfilaments are both responsible for pollen tube elongation in the conifer Picea abies(Norway spruce) Protoplasma 214:141-157.