Virginia R. Shervette

Address: University of South Carolina Aiken
Phone: 803.641.3605
Personal Website:


Ph.D., 2006, Texas A&M University
M.S., 2000, University of Southern Mississippi

Research Interests

  • Coral reef fishes
  • Conservation and fisheries management
  • Fish community and population dynamics
  • Tropical biology

Current and planned research projects

  • Biology and Ecology of Caribbean reef fishes (snappers, triggerfish, and parrotfish)
  • Age, growth, and reproduction of deepwater snappers in the Caribbean
  • Historical and contemporary influences on the diversity of freshwater fishes of western Ecuador
  • Population biology of invasive lionfish
  • Conservation biogeography of freshwater fishes in southeastern U.S.
  • Long-lived reef fish species: age, growth, and Hg bioaccumulation


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