Tracey Schock

National Institute of Standards and Technology

Address: NIST/HML, 331 Fort Johnson Road, Charleston, SC 29412
Phone: 843.460.9944


Ph.D., 2007, Molecular and Cellular Biology and Pathology/Marine Biomedicine and Environmental Sciences, Medical University of South Carolina
M.S., 2001, Medical Microbiology and Parasitology, University of Georgia
B.S., 1999, Marine Science, Southampton College/Long Island University 

Research Interests

  • Environmental Metabolomics - assessing health by identifying the physiological changes in marine organisms in response to environmental stressors/change, such as pollutants, disease, or temperature rise

Current and Planned Research Projects

  • Develop and improve sample collection protocols for biological analyses
  • Health assessments of important species in conjunction with the NIST Marine Environmental Specimen Bank including:
    • Personalized health assessment of human-managed marine mammals and comparison with field-sampled organisms for baseline health indexes
    • Metabolic profiling of Hawaiian green sea turtles and associated dietary algae
    • Coral reef metabolomics
  • Investigate the toxic effect of mercury on the metabolome of terrapins
  • Develop metabolite extraction techniques for the various species of interest
  • Improve metabolomics data analysis through various multivariate and univariate statistical techniques


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