Marcel Reichert

Address: SCDNR, Marine Resources Research Institute, 215 Fort Johnson Road
Phone: 843.953.5778


Ph.D., 2002, University of Groningen
M.S., 1985, University of Amsterdam

Research Interests

  • Fishery science and management
  • Fish biology and ecology
  • Ecology of marine life bottom habitats
  • Estuarine ecology

Current research projects

  • Marine Monitoring, Assessment, and Prediction Program (MARMAP) and the South East Area Monitoring and Assessment Program – South Atlantic (SEAMAP-SA). MARMAP and SEAMAP-SA are fishery independent monitoring programs aimed at long term monitoring of relative abundance and life history aspects of fish and shellfish in waters off the southeastern US coast. Data and analyses are largely used to assist with state and regional fisheries management and stock assessments.


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