Eric Montie

University of South Carolina Beaufort

Address: Dept. of Natural Sciences, Univ. of South Carolina Beaufort, One University Blvd., Bluffton, SC 29909
Phone: 843.208.8107
Personal Website:


Ph.D., 2006, MIT/WHOI Joint Program in Biological Oceanography

MS, 1999, Clemson University, Environmental Toxicology

Post-BS studies, 1994, Harvard University, Biochemistry

BS, 1993, Univ. Rhode Island, Zoology

Research Interests

• Acoustic communication of marine life
• Marine soundscapes
• Neuroimaging of marine mammals
• Hearing of fish and marine mammals
• Effects of chemical pollutants and marine toxins on the brain and hearing
• Impacts of stressors on marine organisms and ecosystems (i.e., water quality, chemical
pollution, noise pollution, climate change)

Current research projects

  • Spatial patterns and temporal rhythms of estuarine soundscapes
  • Understanding spawning aggregations of sciaenids using passive and active acoustics
  • Precise and long-term acoustic monitoring of fish spawning aggregations as a means to detect phenological shifts in reproduction associated with climate change
  • Effects of dredging and shipping noise on acoustic communication of fish and bottlenose dolphins
  • Neuroimaging of marine mammal brains
  • Effects of chemical pollutants on the brain and hearing of marine mammals


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