Tony Harold

College of Charleston

Address: Grice Marine Laboratory, 205 Fort Johnson Road, Charleston, SC 29412
Phone: 843.953.9180


Ph.D., 1991, Memorial University of Newfoundland

Research Interests

  • Phylogenetic systematics and biogeography of marine and freshwater fishes

Current research projects

  • Phylogeny, biogeography and life history evolution of gobies: Use of anatomical, histological and molecular data in reconstructing phylogeny, with resultant phylogenies applied to studies of life history evolution and historical biogeography
  • Phylogeny of the deep-sea stomiiform fishes: further morphological studies, emphasizing osteology, myology and photophore histology, are underway which help to resolve several important evolutionary problems in the group
  • New species of stomiiforms and gadiforms: morphometric and meristic data analyzed by multivariate ordination procedures are used in species discrimination; preparation of descriptions of numerous undescribed species
  • Historical biogeography of Bregmacerotidae: ongoing work to revise Bregmaceros and resolve the phylogeny of the species will eventually lead to an analysis of the historical biogeography and some aspects of the historical ecology of this group, in particular the evolutionary polarity of shallow versus deep-water living in this group of likely paedomorphic cod-like fishes


  • Harold, A.S. and D.A. Baltzegar. 2023. A new species of Bregmaceros (Gadiformes: Bregmacerotidae) from the eastern Pacific Ocean, with comments on B. atlanticus and B. japonicus. Zootaxa. [pending minor revision].
  • Harold, A. 2020. Argyripnus brocki [and 137 other deep-sea stomiiform fish species Red List accounts not listed here, available on the Red List website]The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species 2020: e.T137461727A137467458. [an example of the 137 published Red List species assessments submitted in 2019]
  • Grădianu, I., T. Přikryl, R. Gregorová, and A.S. Harold. 2017. †Gonostoma dracula sp. nov. (Teleostei, Gonostomatidae) from the Oligocene deposits of the Central Paratethys (Romania): earliest occurrence of the modern bristlemouths. Bulletin of Geosciences 92(3): 323–336.
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