Paul Nolan

Address: Department of Biology, The Citadel
Phone: 843.953.7076


Ph.D., 2002, Auburn University
M.S., 1993, The University of California at Davis

Research Interests

  • Behavioral ecology
  • Disease ecology
  • Ornithology
  • Avian habitat selection

Current and planned research projects

  • signal content and function of ornamental colors in penguins
  • demography of avian susceptibility to West Nile Virus on a coastal plain
  • human impacts on colonially nesting seabirds
  • avian use of stormwater ponds


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  • Dobson, F. Stephen, Paul M. Nolan, Marion Nicolaus, Catherine Bajzak, Anne-Sophie Coquel, and Pierre Jouventin. 2008. Comparison of color and body condition between early- and late-breeding King Penguins. Ethology 114:925-933.
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  • Nolan, Paul M., Sharon R. Roberts, and Geoffrey E. Hill.  2004.  Effects ofMycoplasma gallisepticum on reproductive success in house finches.  Avian Diseases 48:879-885.
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