Matt Rutter

College of Charleston

Address: RITA 231, Department of Biology, Charleston, SC 29424


Ph.D., 2002, Duke University

Research Interests

  • Plant ecology, genetics and evolution

Current research projects

  • Quantifying the effects of mutation on fitness in a model genetic plant (Arabidopsis thaliana) in its native European range
  • Describing fitness effects of mutations at known locations within the genome, using both spontaneous mutations and induced knockout mutations
  • Restoration ecology of a native annual plant-- the potential benefits and consequences of using a plant to alleviate soil cadmium contamination
  • Using a bioinformatic, whole-genome approach to examine the relationship between gene conservation, gene expression and fitness in Arabidopsis thaliana


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  • Rutter, M.T. and C.B. Fenster. 2007. Testing for adaptation to climate inArabidopsis thaliana: a calibrated common garden approach.  Annals of Botany99: 529-536.
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  • Rutter, M.T. and M.D. Rausher. 2004. Natural selection on extrafloral nectar production in Chamaecrista fasciculata: the costs and benefits of a mutualist trait. Evolution 58: 2657-2668.
  • Rutter, M.T. and R.A. Zufall. 2004.  Pathway length and evolutionary constraint in amino acid biosynthesis.  Journal of Molecular Evolution 58: 218-224.