Peter Etnoyer

NOAA, Center for Coastal Monitoring and Assessment

Address: 219 Fort Johnson Road, Charleston, SC 29412
Phone: 843.460.9659


M.E.M., 2001, Duke University, Nicholas School of the Environment
Ph.D., 2009, Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi, Harte Research Institute

Research Interests

  • Deep-sea benthic ecology, commensal and agonistic interactions
  • Distribution and diversity of deep-sea corals, particularly octocorals
  • Big data, analytics, data visualization and data management
  • Health and condition of deep-sea corals relative to anthropogenic stressors
  • Habitat suitability modeling and marine protected area network design

Current and planned research projects

  • Connectivity of Coral Ecosystems in the Northwestern Gulf of Mexico (2019 - 2024), sponsored by NOAA National Centers for Coastal Ocean Science, Center for Sponsored Cooperative Research
  • Southeast Deep Coral Initiative (SEDCI): Exploring Deep-Sea Coral Ecosystems off the Southeast U.S. (2016 - 2019) Funded by NOAA Deep-Sea Coral and Research Technology Program
  • Gulf of Mexico and Southeast US Deep Sea Coral Atlas and Habitat Suitability Modeling Projects (2016 - 2019) Funded by Bureau of Ocean and Energy Management
  • Climate Vulnerability Assessment for Deep-Sea Coral Ecosystems in Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary (2014 - 2019)  Funded by NOAA National Centers for Coastal Ocean Science


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