Andrew Shedlock

College of Charleston

Address: Hollings Marine Lab H212C, 331 Ft Johnson Rd., Charleston, SC 29412
Phone: 843.460.9897
Personal Website:


Ph.D., 1997, University of Washington
M.S., 1992, University of Washington
B.S., 1987, Cornell University

Research Interests

  • Comparative evolutionary genomics; impacts of mobile DNA and non-coding RNA on eukaryotic genome structure and transcriptome function. Computational biology. Phylogeny, ecology and population genetics of marine vertebrates.

Current research projects

  • Annotation, assembly and evolutionary synthesis of DNA repeats for NIH-sponsored amniote genome projects
  • Phylogenetic reconstruction of ancestral vertebrate genome structure
  • RNA-seq of tissue-specific gene expression in marine vertebrates
  • de novo and reference-based transcriptome assembly of marine vertebrates
  • Conservation genetics and molecular ecology of legally protected and commercially important marine species


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