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Name Potential 
Phone E-mail More Info
Anderson, Paul E. NO 843.953.8151 andersonpe2@cofc.edu  More
Anderson Jr., William D. (Emeritus) YES 843.953.9182 andersonwd@cofc.edu More
Arendt, Michael D. YES 843.953.9097 arendtm@dnr.sc.gov More
Ayme-Southgate, Agnes J. NO 843.953.6544 southgatea@cofc.edu More
Baatz, John E. YES 843.792.1049 baatzje@musc.edu More
Ballenger, Joseph C. YES 843.953.9046 ballengerj@dnr.sc.gov More
Balmer, Brian NO 877.360.5527 ext 216 brian.balmer@nmmf.org More
Beckingham, Barbara A. YES 843.953.0483 beckinghamba@cofc.edu More
Beers, Jody M. YES 843.460.9866 beersjm@cofc.edu More
Boggs, Ashley YES 843.460.9789 ashley.boggs@nist.gov More
Bowden, John A. NO 843.460.9875 john.bowden@ufl.edu More
Boylan, Shane NO 843.579.8659  sboylan@scaquarium.org More
Brandes, Jay A. NO 912.598.2361 jay.brandes@skio.uga.edu More
Browdy, Craig L. NR 843.793.7610  browdyc@gmail.com More
Brunson, Jeffrey F. NA 843.953.1463 brunsonj@dnr.sc.gov More
Bubley, Walter J. YES 843.953.9810 bubleyw@dnr.sc.gov More
Burnett, Karen G. NO 843.460.9876 burnettk@cofc.edu More
Burnett Jr., Louis E. NO 843.460.9877 burnettl@cofc.edu More
Byrum, Christine A. NO 843.953.7176 byrumc@cofc.edu More
Casu, Fabio YES 843.953.9794 casuf@dnr.sc.gov More
Christopher, Steven J. 843.460.9858 steven.christopher@nist.gov More
Chung, Katy W. NA 843.762.8588 katy.chung@noaa.gov More
Clark, Andrew J. YES 843.953.4879 clarkaj@cofc.edu More
Coen, Loren D. NO lcoen1@fau.edu More
Collier, William (Chip) R. YES 843.302.8444 chip.collier@safmc.net More
Collins, Mark R. NR 843.953.9815  markryancollins@gmail.com More
Cooksey, Cynthia L. NA 843.460.9922 cynthia.cooksey@noaa.gov More
Crowe, Stacie E. NA 843.953.9092 crowes@dnr.sc.gov More
Darden, Tanya L. YES 843.460.9853 dardent@dnr.sc.gov More
Day, Russell D. YES 843.460.9790 rusty.day@manta-online.org More
de Buron, Isaure NR 843.953.3615 deburoni@cofc.edu More
DeLorenzo, Marie E. YES 843.460.9685 marie.delorenzo@noaa.gov More
Denson, Michael R. YES 843.953.9834  densonm@dnr.sc.gov More
DeVoe, M. Richard NA 843.953.2078  rick.devoe@scseagrant.org More
DiTullio, Giacomo (Jack) R. YES 843.953.9196 ditullioj@cofc.edu More
Doucette, Gregory J. NR 843.460.9687 greg.doucette@noaa.gov More
Dustan, Phillip YES 843.953.8086 dustanp@cofc.edu More
Etnoyer, Peter J. YES 843.460.9659 peter.etnoyer@noaa.gov More
Fair, Patricia A. NR 843.460.9848 pat.fair@noaa.gov More
Fitzgibbon, Wayne R. NR 843.792.1123 fitzgiwr@musc.edu More
Frazier, Bryan NA 843.953.9843 frazierb@dnr.sc.gov More
Freeman, Christopher J. YES 843.953.7112 freemancj@cofc.edu More
Fullerton, Heather E. YES 843.953.7363 fullertonhe@cofc.edu More
Glasgow, Dawn M. YES 843.953.0480 glasgowd@dnr.sc.gov More
Greenfield, Dianne I. YES 843.725.4823 dgreenfield@belle.baruch.sc.edu More
Greig, Thomas W. NR 843.460.9660 thomas.greig@noaa.gov More
Guyon, Jeffrey R.  843.460.9783 jeff.guyon@noaa.gov More
Harold, Antony (Tony) S. YES 843.953.9180 harolda@cofc.edu More
Hart, Leslie B. YES 843.953.5191 hartlb@cofc.edu More
Hillenius, Willem (Jaap) J. NR 843.953.8083 hilleniusw@cofc.edu More
Hughes, Melissa YES 843.953.6557 hughesm@cofc.edu More
Hyland, Jeffrey L. NA 843.460.9691 jeff.hyland@noaa.gov More
Janech, Michael G. YES 843.460.9788 janechmg@cofc.edu More
Johnson, Sharleen NA 843.953.9087 johnsonsh@dnr.sc.gov More
Jutte, Pamela C. YES 843.406.9653 juttep@yahoo.com More
Kemp, W. Michael NR kemp@umces.edu More
Kendrick, Michael R. YES 843.953.6457 kendrickm@dnr.sc.gov More
Key, Peter B. NO 843.460.9661 pete.key@noaa.gov More
Kingsley-Smith, Peter R. YES 843.953.9840 kingsleysmithp@dnr.sc.gov More
Knott, David M. NA 843.442.0795  david.knott@why-knott.com More
Kucklick, John R. NO 843.460.9886 john.kucklick@noaa.gov More
Lazzaro, Mark D. NR 843.953.7180 lazzarom@cofc.edu More
Lee, Peter A. YES 843.460.9785 leep@cofc.edu More
Levesque, Erin M. NA 843.953.9236 levesquee@dnr.sc.gov More
Lovelace, Susan NR 843.953.2078  susan.lovelace@scseagrant.org More
Lyon, Barbara R. YES 917.708.3940 bobbielyon@gmail.com More
May, Lisa NA 843.460.9862 lisa.may@noaa.gov More
McElroy, Eric J. YES 843.953.3707 mcelroye@cofc.edu More
McFee, Wayne E. NA 843.460.9695 wayne.mcfee@noaa.gov More
McGlinn, Daniel J. YES 843.953.0190 mcglinndj@cofc.edu  More
Meyer-Bernstein, Elizabeth NR 843.953.2298 meyerbernsteine@cofc.edu More
Moeller, Peter 843.460.9799 peter.moeller@noaa.gov More
Montie, Eric W. YES 843.208.8107 emontie@uscb.edu More
Moran, Clinton YES 843.953.1093 cmoran3@citadel.edu More
Morton, Steve L. 843.460.9800 steve.morton@noaa.gov More
Murray, Laura NR lmoakisland@gmail.com More
Murren, Courtney NO 843.953.8077 murrenc@cofc.edu More
Naylor, Gavin NO 843.953.9529 gnaylor@flmnh.ufl.edu More
Neely, Benjamin A. NO 843.460.9841 benjamin.neely@nist.gov More
Neer, Julie A. NO 843.571.4366 Julie.Neer@safmc.net More
Nolan, Paul M. YES 843.953.7076 paul.nolan@citadel.edu More
Owens, David Wm. NO 843.953.5614 owensd@cofc.edu More
Pennington, Paul L. NO 843.460.9699 paul.pennington@noaa.gov More
Peters, John S. NR 843.953.1422 petersj@cofc.edu More
Plante, Craig J. YES 843.953.9187 plantec@cofc.edu More
Podolsky, Robert D. YES 843.953.9186 podolskyr@cofc.edu More
Pritchard, Seth NR 843.953.5995 pritchards@cofc.edu More
Reed, Lou Ann NR 843.460.9801 louann.reed@noaa.gov More
Reichert, Marcel J.M. YES 843.953.5778 reichertm@dnr.sc.gov More
Reiner, Jessica L. YES 843.460.9894 jessica.reiner@nist.gov More
Rhodes, Moshe E. YES 843.953.8087 rhodesme@cofc.edu More
Roosenburg, Willem M. NO 740.593.9669 roosenbu@ohio.edu More
Roumillat, William A. NA 843.953.9233 roumillatb@dnr.sc.gov More
Rutter, Matthew T. NR 843.953.7113 rutterm@cofc.edu  More
Sancho, Gorka YES 843.953.9194 sanchog@cofc.edu More
Sandifer, Paul A. YES 843.460.9943 sandiferpa@cofc.edu  More
Sanger, Denise M. YES 843.953.9074 sangerd@dnr.sc.gov More
Sautter, Leslie R. YES 843.953.5586 sautterl@cofc.edu More
Schock, Tracey B. NO 843.460.9944 tracey.schock@nist.gov More
Schwacke, Lori H. YES 843.559.2057 lori.schwacke@nmmpfoundation.org More
Schwenter, Jeffrey NO 843.953.9038 schwenterj@dnr.sc.gov More
Scott, Geoffrey I. YES 803.777.8964 giscott0@mailbox.sc.edu More
Sedberry, George R. NO 912.598.2345  george.sedberry@gmail.com More
Shedlock, Andrew M. YES 843.460.9897 shedlockam@cofc.edu More
Shervette, Virginia R. YES 803.641.3605  shervette@gmail.com  More
Smart, Tracey YES 843.953.9226  smartt@dnr.sc.gov  More
Sotka, Carolyn M. NO 843.817.5971 csotka@gmail.com More
Sotka, Erik E. YES 843.953.9191 sotkae@cofc.edu More
Spalding, Heather YES 843.953.1461 spaldinghl@cofc.edu More
Spyropoulos, Demetri D. YES 843.792.1625 spyropdd@musc.edu More
Strand, Allan E. YES 843.953.9189 stranda@cofc.edu More
Toline, C. Anna NR 843.518.1939 catherine_toline@nps.gov More
Triblehorn, Jeffrey D. NR 843.953.5504 triblehornj@cofc.edu More
Tweel, Andrew W. YES 843.953.4269 tweela@dnr.sc.gov  More
Van Dolah, Frances M. NO 843.460.9868 fran.vandolah@noaa.gov  More
Vance, Jason T. NR 843.953.4880  vancejt@cofc.edu  More
Vena, John E. YES 843.876.8687 vena@musc.edu More
Watson, Aaron YES 843.953.0462 watsona@dnr.sc.gov More
Weinstein, John E. YES 843.953.7796  john.weinstein@citadel.edu  More
Welch, Allison M. NO 843.953.5451 welcha@cofc.edu More
Whitaker, J. David NA 843.953.9392 whitakerd@dnr.sc.gov More
Wilber, Dara H. NO 843.795.6599 darawilber@gmail.com  More
Wilber, Pace NO 843.460.9926 pace.wilber@noaa.gov  More
Wirth, Edward F. NR 843.460.9782 ed.wirth@noaa.gov  More
Woodley, Cheryl M. NO 843.460.9805 cheryl.woodley@noaa.gov  More
Wyanski, David M. NA 843.953.9065  wyanskid@dnr.sc.gov  More
Zardus, John D. YES 843.953.7511  john.zardus@citadel.edu  More
Zimmerman, Anastasia M. NR 843.953.9177 zimmermana@cofc.edu More
*NR=did not respond to survey; NA=cannot serve as major advisor, but can serve on thesis committee