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Name Potential 
Phone E-mail More Info
Anderson, Paul E. NO 843.953.8151  More
Anderson Jr., William D. (Emeritus) YES 843.953.9182 More
Arendt, Michael D. YES 843.953.9097 More
Ayme-Southgate, Agnes J. NR 843.953.6544 More
Baatz, John E. YES 843.792.1049 More
Ballenger, Joseph C. YES 843.953.9046 More
Balmer, Brian YES 877.360.5527 ext 216 More
Beckingham, Barbara A. YES 843.953.0483 More
Beers, Jody M. YES 843.460.9866 More
Boggs, Ashley NR 843.460.9789 More
Bowden, John A. YES 843.460.9875 More
Boylan, Shane NO 843.579.8659 More
Brandes, Jay A. 912.598.2361 More
Browdy, Craig L. NR 843.793.7610 More
Brunson, Jeffrey F. NA 843.953.1463 More
Bubley, Walter J. YES 843.953.9810 More
Burnett, Karen G. NO 843.460.9876 More
Burnett Jr., Louis E. NO 843.460.9877 More
Byrum, Christine A. NO 843.953.7176 More
Casu, Fabio 843.953.9794 More
Christopher, Steven J. 843.460.9858 More
Chung, Katy W. NA 843.762.8588 More
Clark, Andrew J. YES 843.953.4879 More
Coen, Loren D. NO More
Collier, William (Chip) R. YES 843.302.8444 More
Collins, Mark R. NR 843.953.9815 More
Cooksey, Cynthia L. NA 843.460.9922 More
Crowe, Stacie E. NA 843.953.9092 More
Darden, Tanya L. YES 843.460.9853 More
Day, Russell D. YES 843.460.9790 More
de Buron, Isaure NR 843.953.3615 More
DeLorenzo, Marie E. YES 843.460.9685 More
Denson, Michael R. YES 843.953.9834 More
DeVoe, M. Richard NA 843.953.2078 More
DiTullio, Giacomo (Jack) R. YES 843.953.9196 More
Doucette, Gregory J. NR 843.460.9687 More
Dustan, Phillip YES 843.953.8086 More
Etnoyer, Peter J. NO 843.460.9659 More
Fair, Patricia A. NR 843.460.9848 More
Fitzgibbon, Wayne R. NR 843.792.1123 More
Frazier, Bryan NA 843.953.9843 More
Freeman, Christopher J. 843.953.7112 More
Fullerton, Heather E. YES 843.953.7363 More
Geslain, Renaud YES 843.953.8080 More
Glasgow, Dawn M. 843.953.0480 More
Greenfield, Dianne I. YES 843.725.4823 More
Greig, Thomas W. NR 843.460.9660 More
Guyon, Jeffrey R.  843.460.9783 More
Harold, Antony (Tony) S. YES 843.953.9180 More
Hart, Leslie B. YES 843.953.5191 More
Hillenius, Willem (Jaap) J. NR 843.953.8083 More
Hughes, Melissa YES 843.953.6557 More
Hyland, Jeffrey L. YES 843.460.9691 More
Janech, Michael G. YES 843.460.9788 More
Johnson, Sharleen NA 843.953.9087 More
Jutte, Pamela C. YES 843.406.9653 More
Kemp, W. Michael NR More
Kendrick, Michael R. YES 843.953.6457 More
Key, Peter B. NR 843.460.9661 More
Kingsley-Smith, Peter R. YES 843.953.9840 More
Knott, David M. NA 843.442.0795 More
Korey, Christopher A. NR 843.953.7178 More
Kucklick, John R. YES 843.460.9886 More
Lazzaro, Mark D. NR 843.953.7180 More
Lee, Peter A. YES 843.460.9785 More
Levesque, Erin M. NA 843.953.9236 More
Lovelace, Susan NR 843.953.2078 More
Lyon, Barbara R. YES 917.708.3940 More
Marí, Frank YES 843.460.9895 More
May, Lisa NA 843.460.9862 More
McElroy, Eric J. YES 843.953.3707 More
McFee, Wayne E. NA 843.460.9695 More
McGlinn, Daniel J. YES 843.953.0190  More
Meyer-Bernstein, Elizabeth NR 843.953.2298 More
Moeller, Peter 843.460.9799 More
Montie, Eric W. YES 843.208.8107 More
Moran, Clinton 843.953.1093 More
Morton, Steve L. 843.460.9800 More
Murray, Laura NR More
Murren, Courtney YES 843.953.8077 More
Naylor, Gavin NO 843.953.9529 More
Neely, Benjamin A. 843.460.9841 More
Neer, Julie A. NR 843.571.4366 More
Nolan, Paul M. YES 843.953.7076 More
Owens, David Wm. NO 843.953.5614 More
Pennington, Paul L. NO 843.460.9699 More
Peters, John S. NR 843.953.1422 More
Plante, Craig J. YES 843.953.9187 More
Podolsky, Robert D. YES 843.953.9186 More
Pritchard, Seth NR 843.953.5995 More
Reed, Lou Ann NR 843.460.9801 More
Reichert, Marcel J.M. YES 843.953.5778 More
Reiner, Jessica L. YES 843.460.9894 More
Rhodes, Moshe E. YES 843.953.8087 More
Roosenburg, Willem M. 740.593.9669 More
Roumillat, William A. NA 843.953.9233 More
Rutter, Matthew T. NR 843.953.7113  More
Sancho, Gorka NR 843.953.9194 More
Sandifer, Paul A. YES 843.460.9943  More
Sanger, Denise M. YES 843.953.9074 More
Sautter, Leslie R. NR 843.953.5586 More
Schock, Tracey B. YES 843.460.9944 More
Scholtens, Brian G. NR 843.953.8081 More
Schwacke, Lori H. YES 843.559.2057 More
Schewnter, Jeffrey NO 843.953.9038 More
Scott, Geoffrey I. YES 803.777.8964 More
Sedberry, George R. NO 912.598.2345 More
Shedlock, Andrew M. NO 843.460.9897 More
Shervette, Virginia R. YES 803.641.3605  More
Smart, Tracey NO 843.953.9226  More
Sotka, Carolyn M. NO 843.817.5971 More
Sotka, Erik E. YES 843.953.9191 More
Spalding, Heather 843.953.1461 More
Spyropoulos, Demetri D. YES 843.792.1625 More
Strand, Allan E. YES 843.953.9189 More
Toline, C. Anna NR 843.518.1939 More
Triblehorn, Jeffrey D. NR 843.953.5504 More
Tweel, Andrew W. YES 843.953.4269  More
Van Dolah, Frances M. NO 843.460.9868  More
Vance, Jason T. NR 843.953.4880  More
Vena, John E. YES 843.876.8687 More
Watson, Aaron YES 843.953.0462 More
Weinstein, John E. YES 843.953.7796  More
Welch, Allison M. NR 843.953.5451 More
Whitaker, J. David 843.953.9392 More
Wilber, Dara H. YES 843.795.6599  More
Wilber, Pace YES 843.460.9926  More
Wirth, Edward F. NR 843.460.9782  More
Woodley, Cheryl M. YES 843.460.9805  More
Wyanski, David M. NA 843.953.9065  More
Zardus, John D. YES 843.953.7511  More
Zimmerman, Anastasia M. NR 843.953.9177 More
*NR=did not respond to survey; NA=cannot serve as major advisor, but can serve on thesis committee