Melissa Hughes

College of Charleston

Address: Department of Biology, Charleston, SC 29424
Phone: 843.953.6557


Ph.D., 1994, Duke University

Research Interests

  • Animal behavior, behavioral ecology, function and evolution of animal signals

Current research projects

  • Cultural evolution and function of song dialects in song birds
  • Behavioral syndromes and aggressive behavior
  • Song function in territory defense: information and maintenance of honest signaling
  • Costs and benefits of monogamy in snapping shrimp


  • Akhter, E.T., A. Pereira, M. Hughes, C.A. Korey. 2015. Plasticity of external setae during claw transformation in the snapping shrimp, Alpheus angulosus McClure, 2002 (Decapoda, Caridea). Crustaceana 88:893-910.
  • Kershenbaum, A., et al. 2015. Acoustic sequences in non-human animals: A tutorial, review and prospectus. Biological Reviews. 91:13-52. [NIMBioS workshop paper; participants listed alphabetically after organizers]
  • Hughes, M., T. Williamson, K. Hollowell, R. Vickery. 2014. Sex and weapons: contrasting sexual dimorphisms in weaponry and aggression in snapping shrimp. Ethology 120: 982-994.
  • Pereira, A., E. Tracey, P. C. Cooney, C.A. Korey, M. Hughes. 2014. Claw regrowth and functional recovery during transformation in the snapping shrimp, Alpheus angulosus. Marine and Freshwater Behavior and Physiology 47:147-159.
  • Tracey, E.R., A.N. Pereira, M. Hughes, C. Korey. 2013. The embryonic development of the snapping shrimp, Alpheus angulosus (McClure 2002) (Decapoda, Caridea). Crustaceana. 86:1367-1381.