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Joey Ballenger

South Carolina Department of Natural Resources

Address: Marine Resources Research Institute, 217 Fort Johnson Road, Charleston, SC 29412
Phone: 843.953.9046


Ph.D., 2011, Old Dominion University

Research Interests

  • fish life history and population dynamics
  • fish biology/ecology
  • fisheries science/management

Current research projects

  • life history and population dynamics of reef fish species (e.g. black sea bass, scamp, red snapper, etc.) off the South Atlantic coast of the U.S.
  • comparison of the population dynamics of sheepshead from Chesapeake Bay and South Carolina and the development of preliminary management advice for both regions
  • development of standardized abundance indices for U.S. South Atlantic reef fish species
  • use of molecular techniques to assess future reproductive potential of reef fish species
  • use of otolith microchemistry to investigate the life history of U.S. South Atlantic reef fish species
  • development of novel techniques to improve the precision of age estimates


  • Ballenger, J.C., H. Liao, and C.M. Jones.  In Review.  Evaluation of age and growth of sheepshead from the Chesapeake Bay region, Virginia reveals significant differences with other regions.  Marine and Coastal Fisheries.
  • Ballenger, J.C. and C.M. Jones.  In Preparation.  Reproduction in sheepshead from the US mid-Atlantic region.  Marine and Coastal Fisheries.
  • Ballenger, J.C. and C.M. Jones.  In Preparation.  Mortality and yield-per-recruit analyses of Chesapeake Bay region sheepshead and management implications.  Marine and Costal Fisheries.
  • Ballenger J.C., M. Reichert, and J. Stephen.  2011.  Use of MARMAP age compositions in SEDAR-25 – Methods of addressing sub-sampling concerns from SEDAR-2 and SEDAR-17.  SEDAR-25 Review Workshop Document 07, 5 pp.
  • Lamkom, T., H. Kucuktas, Z. Liu, P. Li, U. Na-Nakorn, S. Klinbunya, A. Hutson, A. Chaimongkol, J.  Ballenger, G. Umali, and R.A. Dunham.  2008.  Microsatellite variation among domesticated populations of channel (Ictalurus punctatus) and blue catfish (I. furcatus).  Kasetsart University Fisheries Research Bulletin 32(2): 37 – 47.