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Dara Wilber

Bowhead Science and Technology

Phone: 843.795.6599


Ph.D., 1987, Florida State University, Tallahassee

Research Interests

  • Marine ecology
  • Habitat restoration
  • Environmental impact assessment

Current and planned research projects

  • ecological impact assessment in the marine and estuarine environment
  • oyster reef ecology and restoration
  • behavioral ecology of marine crustaceans


  • Wassick, A., J.A. Baeza, A. Fowler, and D. Wilber.  in press.  Reproductive performance of the marine green porcelain crab Petrolisthes armatus Gibbes, 1850 in its introduced range favors further range expansion.  Aquatic Invasions
  • Wassick, A., M. Hughes, A. Baeza, A. Fowler, and D. Wilber.  In press.  Spacing and movement in the green porcelain crab, Petrolisthesarmatus: evidence for male competition and mate guarding.   Marine and Freshwater Behaviour and Physiology
  • Duermit, E., V. Shervette, D. Whitaker, P. Kingsley-Smith, and D. Wilber.  2017.  A field assessment of claw removal impacts on the movement and survival of stone crabs Menippe spp.  FisheriesResearch 193:43-50.
  • Margiotta, A. M., V. R. Shervette, N. H. Hadley, C. J. Plante and D. H. Wilber.   2016.  Species-specific responses of resident crabs to vertical habitat complexity on intertidal oyster reefs.  Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology 477:7-13.
  • Duermit, E. and D. H. Wilber.  2016.  Habitat-related phenotypic variation in adult western Atlantic stone crabs (Menippemercenaria Say, 1818).  Journal of Crustacean Biology 36:163-171.
  • Wilber, D. H., Clarke, D. G., Alcoba, C. J., and Gallo, J.  2016.  Windowpane flounder (Scophthalmus aquosus) and winter flounder (Pseudopleuronectesamericanus) responses to cold temperature extremes in a Northwest Atlantic estuary.  Journal of Sea Research. 107:23-30.
  • Duermit, E., P. R. Kingsley-Smith, and D. H. Wilber.  2015.  The consequences of claw removal on stone crabs Menippe spp. and the ecological and fishery implications.  North American Journal of Fisheries Management 35:895-905.