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David Knott

Poseidon Taxonomic Services, LLC

Address: 1942 Ivy Hall Rd., Charleston, SC 29407
Phone: 843.442.0795


M.S. in Marine Biology, 1980, College of Charleston

Research Interests

  • Taxonomy and ecology of benthic and planktonic invertebrates from coastal and continental shelf habitats in the southeastern US
  • Invasive and non-indigenous species

Current and planned research projects

  • assessment of the potential establishment and impacts of Asian tiger shrimp and other nonindigenous aquatic invertebrates along the southeastern US coast
  • taxonomy, systematics and identification of estuarine and marine macroinvertebrates, with particular interest in benthic peracarid and decapod crustaceans, cirripedes, stomatopods, mollusks, echinoderms, scyphozoans, polychaetous annelids, and planktonic larval crustaceans
  • retired senior biologist with 33 years of work experience with the Marine Resources Research Institute, Marine Resources Division, South Carolina Department of Natural Resources


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  • de Buron, I., Roth, P.B., Bergquist, D.C., and Knott, D.M. 2013. Mulinia lateralis (Mollusca: Bivalvia) die-off in South Carolina: discovery of a vector for two elasmobranch cestode species. Journal of Parasitology 99(1): 51-55.
  • Knott, D.M., P.L. Fuller, A.J. Benson, and M.E. Neilson. 2013. Penaeus monodon. USGS Nonindigenous Aquatic Species Database, Gainesville, FL.  Revision Date: 6/5/2012.
  • DeVictor, S.T., Knott, D.M. and Crowe, S.E. 2010. South Carolina Beachcomber’s Guide: a guide to the common invertebrates, plants and natural artifacts of the South Carolina seashore. South Carolina Department of Natural Resources. 91 pp.