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Christine Byrum

College of Charleston

Address: SCRA MUSC Innovation Center, 645 Meeting St.
Phone: 843.789.5939


Ph.D., 2001, University of Texas at Austin
M.S., 1991, Clemson University

Research Interests

  • Evolution and development of endoderm and mesoderm in marine invertebrates 
  • Cell specification and signal transduction 
  • Cnidarian gastrulation 
  • Use of the sea urchin as a developmental model at the cellular, molecular, and systems level; evolution of the metazoan body plan


  • Byrum, CA & AH Wikramanayake. 2013. A complete sea urchin pluteus larva produced from ectodermal precursors by selective nuclearization of beta-catenin. EvoDevo, 4: 31.
  • Hendricks, W, CA Byrum, & E Meyer-Bernstein. 2012. Circadian behavior of the starlet sea anemone, Nematostella vectensis. PLoS One, 7(10):e46843. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0046843.
  • Byrum, CA. 2012.  A gathering of minds: expanding understanding of the origins of biological diversity and the evolution of developmental mechanisms.  EvoDevo, 3: 5.
  • Byrum, CA, NM Wijesena, & AH Wikramanayake. 2012. Autonomous cell fate specification: overview. In: eLS 2012, John Wiley & Sons Ltd: Chichester [DOI: 10.1002/9780470015902. a0001148.pub3].
  • Byrum, CA, R Xu, JM Bince, DR McClay, & AH Wikramanayake.  2009.  Blocking Dishevelled  signaling in the noncanonical Wnt pathway in sea urchins disrupts endoderm formation and spiculogenesis, but not secondary mesoderm formation.  Dev Dynamics, 238(7): 1649-1665.