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Craig Browdy

Zeigler Brothers Inc.

Phone: 843.225.6122


Ph.D., 1989, Tel Aviv University

Research Interests

  • Aquaculture
  • Fish and shrimp health and nutrition
  • Aquaculture sustainability and development of new production technologies to improve sustainable healthy seafood production
  • Alternatives to marine products and new nutritional strategies for improvement of aqua feeds
  • Disease management and enhancement of host immunity

Current Research Projects

  • Development of feed programs to replace fish meals and oils, contribute to gut health, improve antioxidant balance, strengthen immune status and increase aquatic animal performance.
  • Aquaculture systems ecology and dynamics focusing on microbial community structure and function. Interactions between natural productivity, feeds and fish/shrimp performance. Effects of waste production and improving system efficiencies.
  • Penaeid shrimp pathology and immunology with an emphasis on viral and bacterial disease. Development of new antiviral theraputants based on dsRNA and genomic perspectives.
  • Risks and benefits of seafood consumption with an emphasis on developing better aquaculture products which enhance human health while avoiding potential risks from contaminants in the diet or in the environment.



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