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Microbes and Microalgae

Faculty Research Potential Primary Advisor*
Karen G. Burnett Marine biomedicine, immunology, molecular biology of marine organisms YES
Giacomo R. DiTullio Phytoplankton physiology and ecology, biogeochemical cycling YES
Gregory J. Doucette Physiological ecology of marine phytoplankton, marine biotoxins and harmful algae NR
Dianne I. Greenfield Ecology and physiology of coastal phytoplankton YES
Michael G. Janech Physiology of marine organisms, molecular and proteomic applications YES
Peter A. Lee Phytoplankton ecophysiology and sulfur biogeochemistry YES
Lisa May Microbial ecology and coral-microbe interactions, DNA damage and its effect upon the reproductive potential of coral, effects of stressors on coral health NA
Craig J. Plante Microbial ecology, benthic biology, the influence of animal-microbe interactions on biogeochemical processes, and the role of autoinduction in the development of marine biofilms YES
Leslie R. Sautter Biological oceanography, marine phytoplankton ecology, marine geology NR
Frances M. Van Dolah Functional genomics of toxic dinoflagellates; effects of algal toxins on marine mammals and human consumers NR

*NR=did not respond to survey; NA=cannot serve as major advisor, but can serve on thesis committee