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Elasmobranchs and Teleost Fish

Faculty Research Potential Primary Advisor*
William D. Anderson Jr. (Emeritus) Systematics of fishes and history of natural history YES
Nathan M. Bacheler Quantitative fish ecology and fisheries science YES
Joseph C. Ballenger Fish life history and population dynamics; fish biology/ecology; fisheries science/management YES
Shane Boylan Sea turtle health and rehabilitation medicine, fish and invertebrate medicine and husbandry NO
Andrew J. Clark Comparative biomechanics and functional morphology NR
Mark R. Collins Fish biology and ecology, parasites of fishes NR
Tanya L. Darden Fish population genetics YES
Russell D. Day Biomonitoring of marine ecosystems and organismal health, environmental chemistry, coral stressors, health, and geochemistry, isotopes, heavy metals, trace elements in the marine environment, ocean acidification, sea turtle ecotoxicology YES
Isaure de Buron Host-parasite interactions at the ecological, cellular, and molecular levels NR
Michael R. Denson Fisheries management, aquaculture, stock enhancement YES
Wayne R. Fitzgibbon Applying microphysiological techniques to the study of hormonal regulation of mammalian renal physiology and pathophysiology NR
Michael H. Fulton Environmental health, aquatic toxicology NR
Thomas W. Greig Fisheries population genetics, molecular marine forensics, evolutionary ecotoxicology NR
Gerard T. Hardiman Development of diagnostics tools to study the effects of endocrine disruption in sentinel aquatic species YES
Antony S. Harold Phylogenetic systematics and biogeography of fishes YES
S. Chad Holbrook Freshwater fisheries management, diadromous fisheries management, biotelemetry, fish passage, fish passage efficiency NA
Peter B. Key Aquatic toxicology NR
Nikolai Klibansky Reproductive biology, life history evolution, fisheries stock assessment, improving methods and analysis in fisheries science YES
Eric J. McElroy Evolution and ecology of animal performance and functional morphology; functional, physiological and morphological basis of animal behavior YES
Julie A. Neer Fisheries science and management, elasmobranch ecology, life history of fishes, population dynamics NR
John S. Peters Age and growth of fishes NR
Marcel J.M. Reichert Fish ecology, fisheries science YES
William A. Roumillat Biology of fishes NA
Gorka Sancho Behavioral ecology of fishes, fisheries conservation NR
George R. Sedberry Community population and trophic ecology of marine fishes, coral reef biology, fisheries biology NO
Andrew M. Shedlock Comparative evolutionary genomics; impacts of mobile DNA and non-coding RNA on eukaryotic genome structure and transcriptome function. Computational biology. Phylogeny, ecology and population genetics of marine vertebrates YES
Virginia R. Shervette Estuarine ecology and management, conservation biology, fish ecology, oyster reef ecology, urbanization of estuaries, Human Dimensions of fisheries management, tropical ecology YES
Tracey Smart Life history ecology, reproductive ecology, biological oceanography, fisheries science NO
J. David Whitaker Crustacean fisheries resource research NA
David M. Wyanski Life history and taxonomy of marine fishes, fisheries biology NA
Anastasia M. Zimmerman Molecular evolution of the vertebrate immune system, genome-wide analyses of innate and adaptive immune loci in fishes, use of the zebrafish as an immunological model NR

*NR=did not respond to survey; NA=cannot serve as major advisor, but can serve on thesis committee