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Plants and Macroalgae

Faculty Research Potential Primary Advisor*
Loren D. Coen Plant-animal interactions and SAV NO
Mark D. Lazzaro Cell biology: cytoskeletal function in pollen tube development; structure and function of plant secretory hairs including salt glands of marine plants; digital and fluorescent microscopy NR
Courtney Murren Plant ecology YES
Seth Pritchard Plant physiological ecology: physiological responses of plants to ongoing global environmental changes including rising atmospheric carbon dioxide and ozone concentrations, warming, and soil salinization; implications for ecosystem function and food production NO
Matthew T. Rutter Plante ecology, genetics, evolution NR
Erik E. Sotka Ecology and evolution of marine biotic interactions, larval dispersal, molecular ecology, chemical ecology YES
Allan E. Strand Molecular ecology, evolution, and demography of plants YES

*NR=did not respond to survey; NA=cannot serve as major advisor, but can serve on thesis committee