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Faculty Research Potential Primary Advisor*
Michael D. Arendt Environmental influences on animal occurrence, population dynamics and demographic structure, collection of large data sets through remote and/or innovative technologies, time series analysis NA
Shane Boylan Sea turtle health and rehabilitation medicine, fish and invertebrate medicine and husbandry NO
Russell D. Day Biomonitoring of marine ecosystems and organismal health, environmental chemistry, coral stressors, health, and geochemistry, isotopes, heavy metals, trace elements in the marine environment, ocean acidification, sea turtle ecotoxicology YES
Patricia A. Fair Marine mammal health assessment and impacts of environmental stressors; toxicological effects of contaminants NR
Leslie B. Hart

Environmental health: human and wildlife indicators of exposure to environmental contaminants and stressors

Willem J. Hillenius Comparative anatomy of tetrapods, particularly mammals, reptiles and dinosaurs NR
Melissa Hughes Animal behavior; in particular, communication in song birds and crustaceans YES
Michael G. Janech Physiology of marine organisms, molecular and proteomic applications YES
John R. Kucklick Analytical chemistry, aquatic ecotoxicology YES
Eric J. McElroy Evolution and ecology of animal performance and functional morphology; functional, physiological and morphological basis of animal behavior YES
Wayne E. McFee Marine mammal strandings, marine mammal life history, dolphin/human interactions NA
Paul M. Nolan Behavioral ecology, disease ecology, ornithology, avian habitat selection YES
David Wm. Owens Sea turtle behavior, physiology and ecology NO
Tracey B. Schock Environmental Metabolomics - assessing health by identifying the physiological changes in marine organisms in response to environmental stressors/change, such as pollutants, disease, or temperature rise YES
Lori H. Schwacke Sentinel marine species as indicators of human health risks, epidemiology applied to protected species, population models for risk assessment NR
Andrew M. Shedlock Genomics, evolution and conservation biology of marine vertebrates YES
Jeffrey D. Triblehorn Sensory neurobiology and the neural control of behavior primarily involving invertebrate systems and includes studies using neurophysiological, neuroanatomical, and behavioral techniques NR
Allison M. Welch  Ecology, evolution and behavior of amphibians NR

*NR=did not respond to survey; NA=cannot serve as major advisor, but can serve on thesis committee