Forms for Students at GPMB

Students in the GPMB are accountable to the general requirements of the Graduate School at the University of Charleston, South Carolina as well as the GPMB requirements.

There are seven forms that must be completed as a student works through the Program. The forms are listed below and can be obtained from the GPMB administrative coordinator according to the current Regulations and Policies.

  • GPMB Form 1. Thesis Committee and Major Advisor
  • GPMB Form 2. Comprehensive Oral Exam
  • GPMB Form 3. Thesis Proposal
  • GPMB Form 4. Plan of Study
  • GPMB Form 5. Preliminary Thesis Approval and Permission to Defend
  • GPMB Form 6. Thesis Defense
  • GPMB Form 7. Final Graduation Checklist (Exit Steps)