Student Funding Opportunities

Visit the Grants page at the Graduate School Office website for additional information on funding opportunities.

External sources of support

Numerous external sources for funding are available from both the private and public sector through national competitions.

Please see the Director of the GPMB for assistance and information on these excellent opportunities.

Local/Regional Funding Sources

  • Slocum-Lunz – Up to $1200 (not for stipend)
    The Slocum-Lunz Foundation provides financial assistance to graduate students at Colleges and Universities of South Carolina conducting research in marine science. Preference is given to graduate students who are well into their research projects. Awards are for research only.
  • Charleston Scientific and Cultural Education Fund – $1000-1200
    For scientific, cultural or artistic endeavors. Requires that recipients be native-born South Carolinians and have intentions of being a permanent resident of Charleston.
  • Sigma Xi Grants-in-Aid of Research (GIAR) Program – Up to $1000
    To pay for student travel expenses to and from a research site, or for purchase of non-standard laboratory equipment necessary to complete a specific research project.
  • NERRS Graduate Research Fellowship – $20,000/year
    The National Estuarine Research Reserve System’s Graduate Research Fellowship provides master’s degree students and Ph.D. candidates with an opportunity to conduct research of local and national significance that focuses on enhancing coastal zone management. (Local NERR site at North Inlet – Winyah Bay).
  • SC Wildlife Federation Scholarship – $500
    For environmental education.
  • SC Space Grant Graduate Student Research Program Fellowship – $10,000 max.
    Fellowships for graduate study leading to research-based masters or doctoral degrees in the fields of science, mathematics, and engineering.

Graduate assistantship stipends vary by type:

  • Graduate Assistantships - offered by CofC
  • Teaching Assistantships - offered by CofC
  • Research Assistantships - offered by CofC, NOAA, SCDNR, NIST, & HML

Students awarded an assistantship are required to carry at least the minimal course load required of a full-time graduate student at the College of Charleston (nine hours of graduate coursework per semester) and must maintain a satisfactory grade point average of at least a 3.0 at the Graduate School. A student must be admitted as a degree-seeking student in order to be considered for a graduate assistantship. Teaching assistantships are not guaranteed and may not be available with spring admission.

Other internal sources of support

  • Joanna Foundation Graduate Fellowship in Marine Biology – $3500 (varies w/ market)
    This fellowship is provided by the Joanna Foundation to outstanding graduate students allowing full attention to course work and to the development of his/her thesis research.
  • Barans Marine Biology Fellowship - $2000
    This fellowship has been created by Mr. and Mrs. Charles Barans at Coastal Community Foundation of South Carolina with the primary purpose of providing fellowships for second or third year marine biology students (having completed at least 14 credits) to be used toward tuition and/or other course-related expenses.
  • Graduate Research & Presentation Grants – $500/semester
    This is for research supplies or to assist with travel associated with presentation of research at disciplinary meetings. The application should be submitted to the Dean of the Graduate Studies Office.
  • Marine Genomics Award – $25,000/year
    These fellowships were funded directly by the State of South Carolina legislature to enhance the new field of marine genomics in South Carolina. Applicants are selected competitively by the admissions committee and the program director from the regular applicants for the MS degree in marine biology. An outstanding undergraduate record and particular experience and strength in genetics, genomics or molecular biology are required.
  • Presidential Summer Research Awards in Marine Biology – $3750/summer
    This award is used to recruit top-ranking applicants to their programs. The recipients will be selected by the admissions committee. This award may be granted for a second summer if the student has completed a total of at least 12 graduate hours of coursework in the two terms preceding the summer of the second award and has maintained good academic standing.
  • Graduate School Scholarships & Fellowships
    These awards are available to degree-seeking applicants of the Graduate School and are only considered via nomination from their program.