Final Steps Before Graduation

A signed copy of the Thesis Title Page page and Thesis Release Form must be presented to the Dean of Graduate School of the University of Charleston. Such forms can be found in the Thesis Manual. In addition, GPMB Form 7 (Final Graduation Checklist) must be signed and submitted to the Program Director. Students must also complete the exit interview with the Program Director. 

If GPMB Forms 1-6 are already on file, there are only a few steps left in order to graduate:

  1. Thesis Title Page - can be found in the Thesis Manual. Create the page and get signatures from the entire thesis committee. 
  2. Thesis Release Form - can be found in the Thesis Manual. Get it signed by your advisor.
  3. The Exit Interview - schedule interview with the Program Director and bring the completed form with you to the meeting.
  4. Final Graduation Checklist (GPMB Form 7) - get this form from the GPMB Administrative Coordinator. Obtain all signatures.
  5. Submit Thesis Release Form, Thesis Title Page, and Final Graduation Checklist to the GPMB Administrative Coordinator.

ALL of these forms must be on file in order for you to graduate.