Marine Biology Graduate Student Association

The Marine Biology Graduate Student Association (MBGSA) is a student government dedicated to the welfare of all graduate students in the Graduate Program in Marine Biology (GPMB).

The MBGSA has three main functions. The first is to provide a foundation for graduate student communication and involvement within the GPMB. Regular general assemblies and official representation on a number of faculty committees (e.g., Curriculum and Academic Planning, Faculty-Student Relations, Colloquium, and Funding and Cooperative Research) ensure that students have a strong voice on the Fort Johnson campus.

The second main function of MBGSA is to engage organizations outside of the GPMB, including the College of Charleston Biology Department and the Graduate School Office. Two students from the MBGSA are selected each year to serve as liaisons to the Graduate Student Association of the College of Charleston. By representing MBGSA, these liaisons connect GPMB students to the entire graduate student body.

The third main function of MBGSA is to plan social events and community outreach projects in and around the Fort Johnson community. Examples include the Ocean Conservancy’s International Coastal Clean-up (Beach Sweep), the Adopt-A-Highway clean-up of our sponsored section of Fort Johnson Road, and the annual “Grice Marine-ival” spring carnival. The MBGSA also assists with events such as the TGIF social after each weekly Fort Johnson Marine Science Seminar as well as thesis defense celebrations for students nearing the completion of the program.

The MBGSA is supported mainly through student dues and the sale of lab and program merchandise. Please visit the MBGSA website for more information.