Graduate Student Profiles 2020-2021

Student Thesis Topic Major Advisor
Evan Ashe Age, Growth, and Reproduction Biology of the White Grunt (Haemulon plumierii) off the U.S. Southeast Atlantic Coast Marcel Reichert
Courtney Bayles Assessment of Strand Feeding Common Bottlenose Dolphins (Tursiops truncatus) in the Waters surrounding Captain Sam's Inlet, South Carolina: are Anthropogenic Impacts Influencing This Specialized Foraging Strategy? Brian Balmer
Peter Bergeson Trade-Offs Between Parental Care and Antipredatory Behavior in Egg-Carrying Snapping Shrimp (Decapoda, Caridea, Alpheidae) Melissa Hughes
Shannon Bley John Weinstein
Brooke Blosser Microplastics in Eastern Oysters, Crassostrea virginica, from South Carolina, USA John Weinstein
Elizabeth Bullard
Jacob Cashour Jody Beers
Jessica Daly Physiological costs of muscle parasite load in the Spotted Seatrout, Cynoscion nebulosus Jody Beers
Delaney Drake U.S. Caribbean Hogfish (Lachnolaimus maximus) Conservation and Management: Filling Critical Life History Gaps Virginia Shervette
Cassandra Evanchuk Heather Spalding
Jeffrey Good Investigation of the Life History and Trophic Ecology of the Atlantic Brief Squid, Lolliguncula brevis Peter Kingsley-Smith
Hunt Jones
Sarah Kell Identifying Sources of Microplastic Tire Wear Particles in Charleston Harbor John Weinstein
David Klett Nutritional Performance and Metabolomics of Juvenile Red Drum, Sciaenops ocellatus, Fed Variations of Squid, Fish, and Shrimp Diets Aaron Watson
Jenna Klingsick Providing Baseline Data to Link Extreme Precipitation and Runoff to Trace Metals in North American River Otters (Lontra canadensis) and Bottlenose Dolphins (Tursiops truncatus) Tissues Ed Wirth
Clayr Kroenke Thomas Greig
Gabrielle Kuba Heather Fullerton
Julie Loewenstein Characterization of the Coral Metabolome Under Different pH and Temperature Regimes via 1H NMR Tracey Schock
Rebecca Lucia
Edwina Mathis Imposex Induction in the Eastern Mud Snail: Investigation of Organotins and Other RXR Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals in Charleston Harbor Demetri Spyropoulos
Robin Minch Tracey Smart
Alexander Parry Christopher Freeman
Emily Parsons Roadmaps to Restoration: the Effects of Genetic Relatedness on Fertilization Success of Threatened Stony Corals in the Florida Keys  Cheryl Woodley
Nicole Principe Norman Levine
Rachel Prostko Jody Beers
Jessica Ramirez Determining the Effects of No. 6 Fuel on Salt Marsh Plants and Comparing Replanting Techniques as an Oil Spill Response Tactic in Salt Marsh Ecosystems Paul Pennington
Josh Ratay
Brandon Reding
Ellen Reiber Population Genetic and Stock Enhancement Tools for Conservation of the Overfished White Seabass, Atractoscion nobilis Tanya Darden
Kyra Reisenfeld The Effect of Head-Starting on Morphology and Bite Force in the Diamondback Terrapin (Malaclemys terrapin) Eric McElroy
Courtney Saldana
Augustus Snyder Jody Beers
Jonathan Stewart Ed Wirth
Nicholas Strait Dynamics of Stable Isotopes and Tissue Nutrients in Hawaiian Mesophotic Macroalgae Heather Spalding
Carly Lynn Strange
Mary Ann Taylor Age, Growth, and Reproductive Life History of the Gobiid Fish Gobiosoma bosc in the Charleston Harbor Estuary Tony Harold
Michael Thienes Michael Kendrick
Conor Torris
Lindsey Transue Eric Montie
Caroline Tribble Eric Montie
Lukas Troha
Juliana Ventresca Cold Temperature Tolerance of the Green Porcelain Crab's Egg Production and Development in its Non-Native Range Dara Wilber
Josiah Waters Craig Plante
Jessica Wenclawiak
Morgan Will
Taylor Williams Heather Spalding
Matthew Young Utilizing Trace Elements and Stable Isotope Analysis to Reconstruct Distribution of Scalloped (Sphyrna lewini) and Carolina (Sphyrna gilberti) Hammerheads Gorka Sancho