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Last Update: September 25, 2023

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Full time positions

  • Research Assistant - Coral Husbandry at Woods Hole (Woods Hole, MA)
    • The Colleen Hansel and Amy Apprill lab groups at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution are currently searching for a Research Assistant to join the Marine Chemistry and Geochemistry Department.
    • This is a regular, full-time, non-exempt position and is eligible for benefits.
    • The position will be initially for one year, with the potential for extending the position dependent on performance and available funds.
    • Essential Functions
      • Coral husbandry
      • Aquaria maintenance
      • Weekly aquaria water quality testing and adjustments
      • Coral health assessments via pulse amplitude modulated (PAM) fluorometry
      • Track coral growth over time via buoyant weight method
      • Coral tissue extractions for secondary analysis
      • Coral tissue and skeleton analysis via microscopy, inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry, and DNA analysis
      • Data processing using spreadsheets and statistical analysis
      • Writing up methods and results
      • Communicating with team
      • Training and assisting students and other staff with experiments
    • Special Requirements
      • Fieldwork
      • Prior experience in coral husbandry, either in laboratory or reef restoration settings
      • SCUBA certified and/or willing to be trained
    • Job posting:
  • Program Manager- Plastics Initiative (Washington DC)
    • $70,000 – 85,000
    • The Program Manager will support the Plastics Initiative Program Officer in implementing a global program with multiple international partners and stakeholders. The Program Manager will assist with technical research, drafting, and development of policy-related activities and materials; represent the organization at various meetings, conferences and high-level fora; ensure that the program adheres to established schedules, specifications, and budgets which will include engaging in outreach and cooperative engagement with all program partners, international collaborators and networks.
    • Duties/Responsibilities:
      • Coordinates the operation of the program to confirm that assigned activities are completed according to specifications, budgets, and timelines.
      • Takes proactive steps to minimize delays in delivery and forecasts potential schedule delays and develops alternate plans.
      • Regularly communicates with program partners to arrange meetings, confirm program schedules, and discuss any program problems.
      • Regularly communicates with Program Officer regarding the program’s status and any problems or potential problems.
      • Contribute to programmatic Monitoring and Evaluation for the program.
      • Support the Program Officer in strategic planning to advance the program’s goals and targets.
      • Provide oversight to program regarding project planning, implementation and reporting, including against agreed metrics.
      • Provide technical support regarding strategic policies and goals as they relate to reducing, preventing and eliminating plastic pollution.
      • Research, develop and draft policy briefs, reports, white papers and any other relevant materials.
    • Travel Requirements:
      • Must be able to travel domestically and internationally approximately 25% of the time or more
    • Job posting:
    • Posted 8-18-23
  • Marine Operations Technician (Key Largo, FL)
    • $45,000 – $55,000
    • Work day: 8:30-5:00
    • Works as part of the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary Buoy Maintenance Team in Key, Lardo FL to fabricate, install and maintain boundary, information, zone and mooring buoy systems.
    • Requirements
      • Rescue Diver SCUBA certification or higher from a nationally recognized agency or military.
      • Fifty (50) logged open water dives.
      • Experience working on and operating watercraft boats.
    • Application deadline: September 9, 2023
    • Job posting:
  • Shellfish Researcher with AIS, Inc. (Seattle, WA)
    • In Washington state, there are over 250 shellfish farms across over 700 sites, most of which are located in Puget Sound. A priority in Puget Sound is the conservation of nearshore habitat which makes up valuable habitat for the region’s salmonids and overlaps in some places with shellfish farming. Unfortunately, much of the nearshore habitat in Puget Sound is lost or degraded.
    • The candidate shall coordinate with the Northwest Fisheries Science Center and West Coast Region of Fisheries (Central Puget Sound Branch & Oregon/Washington Aquaculture Coordinator) to assist with the following key tasks:
      • Compile and assess relevant literature to inform ecosystem effects of shellfish aquaculture.
      • Conduct site visits to regional shellfish farms to gain an understanding of aquaculture practices.
      • Evaluate how benefits/impacts from different aquaculture techniques affect salmon based on best available science.
      • Evaluate whether the Nearshore Calculator is properly quantifying impacts to nearshore habitats.
      • Develop and present recommendations of additions / adjustments to the Nearshore Calculator
      • Develop instructions to NOAA Fisheries Staff regarding how these adjustments to the calculator can be incorporated for use.
    • Preferred Qualifications:
      • S. Degree with 2 years of relevant experience.
    • Travel:
      • Travel is anticipated to support field research, meet with collaborators, and present results at a regional workshop or scientific conference.
      • Travel will be in WA, OR, CA, or ID
    • Job posting:
  • Marine Biologist, At-Sea-Monitor (Boston, Ma, Gloucester, MA, Hampton Beach, NH, or Scituate, MA)
    • The primary goals of Northeast federal fishery observation programs are to provide quantitative biological, vessel, and gear-selectivity information for various New England and Mid-Atlantic fisheries. The At-Sea Monitor program focuses specifically on the groundfish industry, a grouping of fish that includes many commonly consumed fish such as cod, haddock and various flounder species. Each fishery observer or monitor operates on commercial fishing vessels operating in ports throughout New England and the Mid-Atlantic.
    • At-Sea Monitors record detailed information on the gear and fishing activity of the vessels. Monitors work on deck on vessels ranging from 20’ to 100’ on trips roughly ranging from 1 to 14 days collecting data on fish catch and discard and incidental takes such as marine mammals, seabirds, and marine turtles.
    • Compensation:
      • Monitors’ starting pay is $19.00/hour. Dependent on enrollment in our H&W benefit, biologists may also be eligible for an additional $4.41/hour for the first 40 hours worked on each calendar week for a total of $23.41 hour. This is a full–time position with benefits. Annually, monitors earn between $45K - $90K a year dependent on their availability to deploy offshore and their personal sea day accomplishments. Monitors will be paid a minimum of 12 hours for each calendar day offshore and are also eligible for additional compensable activities while on land.
      • AIS benefits package includes health and dental insurance, vacation, sick and holiday benefits.
    • Job postings:
  • Shellfish Health Research Technician (Milford, CT)
    • The Shellfish Technician to work in support of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) Northeast Fisheries Science Center (NEFSC). This person will be engaged in the laboratory management and sample processing for a health and disease survey of Crassostrea virginica populations in Long Island Sound
    • This work is needed to inform restoration planning to identify suitable sites and methods to use for restoration. Characterization of disease in natural oyster populations is also necessary to inform aquaculture siting efforts to minimize disease interactions between populations.
    • Duties/Responsibilities:
      • Maintain laboratory spaces and equipment - this may include cleaning dishware and workspaces, performing routine maintenance and calibration of laboratory instruments, and maintaining inventory of chemical and biological supplies.
      • Preparing sample containers and equipment for field and laboratory collection and processing.
      • Process oyster tissues to assess disease burden, reproductive status, and growth using histopathological, microbiological, and molecular methods.
      • Conduct data entry, data management, and quality control of field and laboratory data using statistical and database management software.
      • Assist in data analysis and reporting of results, including the preparation of peer-reviewed journal manuscripts and conference presentations.
      • Travel to study locations in Connecticut and New York and collect oyster population data, whole animal samples, and environmental data.
      • Conduct research activities outdoors, often on boats or in marine intertidal environments.
    • Travel:
      • Travel to selected study sites in Connecticut and New York may be necessary.
      • Overnight travel may be necessary for travel to distant locations.
      • There may also be travel to conferences to conduct outreach and present results.
    • Compensation: Candidates will be paid an hourly rate to be negotiated and total compensation will vary depending on candidates’ experience
    • Job posting:
  • Adjunct Faculty for Biology at the Citadel (Charleston, SC)
    • Seeking applicants to teach entry-level biology courses at the Citadel. 
    • Minimum Qualifications:
      • Applicants should have a Master's or Doctorate degree in Biology or a closely related field; with a minimum of 18 credit hours in graduate-level biology courses.
    • Preferred Qualifications:
      • Previous teaching experience.
    • To apply, please contact Dr. John Zardus by phone at 843-953-7511 or by email at for any questions
    • Job posting: 
  • Oyster Farmer at Steamboat Creek Oyster Farm (Hollywood, SC)
    • $15 - $20/hour
    • Oyster Farmers will assist with all farm operations, including the facilitation of density reductions, flipping cages for biofoul prevention, harvest and preparing oyster for sale and potentially assisting with deliveries, cleaning and maintaining growing equipment.
    • Requirements: This is an outdoor job, rain or shine. Exposure to heat, rain, and sun is a must. Must be able to lift and carry upwards of 50lbs.
    • Preferred: Strong swimming capabilities, proficiency with boating, launching and trailering a boat.
    • To apply, contact Mike Kalista at 843-425-3828 or at
  • Hatchery Manager with The Florida State University Coastal & Marine Laboratory (FSUCML)
    • Salary: $36,250 – 81,563
    • Monday-Friday, 8-5 with some flexibility required
    • The successful candidate for this position will be involved in the establishment and management of a research hatchery, which supports the research and restoration objectives of the Apalachicola Bay System Initiative (ABSI, The hatchery is primarily focused on producing larvae and juveniles of the eastern oyster (Crassostrea virginica), but additional shellfish species are sometimes cultured for other research projects.
    • Minimum qualifications: Bachelor's degree or a combination of post-high school education and experience equal to four years.
    • Position open until filled
    • Job listing:
  • Gloucester Biotechnology Academy Instructor with Gloucester Marine Genomics Institute (GMGI) (Gloucester, MA)
    • This is not your average teaching position. Gloucester Biotechnology Academy instructors enjoy a low student to teacher ratio, students with a passion for science, and support from the Gloucester community.
    • Our students graduate in 10 months with more lab hours than a 4-year Bachelor’s degree recipient, and are already making a difference at biotech, life science and pharmaceutical companies across the state.
    • Preferred candidate will have a master’s degree.
    • Candidates with experience with cell culture strongly encouraged to apply.
    • Salary DOE, Insurance benefits, paid time off, 10 paid holidays
    • Job posting:
  • Research Scientist with Gloucester Marine Genomics Institute (GMGI) (Gloucester, MA)
    • GMGI is seeking a Research Scientist to lead an independent research program that aligns with our mission within our Biomedicine & Biotechnology focus area. It is envisioned that this program will include cutting edge molecular and/or computational approaches to address research questions at the intersection of oceans and human health with translational outcomes.
    • PhD preferred but experience considered
    • Job posting: 

Fellowships and Awards 

Internships & Part-time

  • Extension Graduate Assistant with S.C. Sea Grant Consortium
    • Part time, $15/hour
    • 20 hours/week Spring and Fall semesters, 29 hours/week during Summer
    • Job Duties
      • Coordinate the S.C. Coastal Information Network (SCCIN)
      • Coordinate Calling the Coast Home real estate agent education programs with three coastal Realtor® Associations
      • Assist in the generation of communications materials such as fact sheets, flyers, and social media posts
      • Assist in event management including registration, planning, marketing, note taking, webinar support, etc.
      • Help research, plan, and implement extension activities
      • Conduct small projects independently
    • Job posting:
    • Application review will begin immediately, position filled when suitable candidate is found
  • Marine Debris Prevention and Removal Program Graduate Assistant Internship with S.C. Sea Grant Consortium
    • Part time, $15/hour
    • 20 hours/week year-round for one year
    • Renewable yearly for up to 3 years
    • Job Duties
      • Coordinate program logistics, communication, and meeting planning.
      • Contribute to project literature reviews and end user assessments.
      • Collaborate with the team to develop content for project webpages, story maps, and other communications materials.
      • Provide support on project outreach and engagement activities, including but not limited to clean up events, education events, and community festivals.
      • Use primary and secondary data to characterize marine debris concentrations and removal successes.
      • Assist in the development and management of workshops and trainings.
      • Participate in the authoring of final project reports and deliverables.
    • Job posting:
  • Blue Carbon Database Graduate Assistant Internship with S.C. Sea Grant Consortium
    • Summer stipend: $15.00/hour; 25 hours per week
    • One-year graduate assistant research stipend: $13,000
    • Job Duties
      • Develop Blue Carbon communication materials to share across interested stakeholders;
      • Identify and invite stakeholders in the southeast U.S. and Puerto Rico to participate in focus groups;
      • Contribute to data analyses on focus group and interview results; land use change and planning; and carbon sequestration potential;
      • Co-develop story map content, a GIS database, and a final report
      • Assist hosting web-based focus groups and interviews;
      • When possible, visit potential restoration sites in the southeast U.S.
    • The position requires current enrollment or acceptance into a graduate degree program at an accredited university or college in South Carolina
    • Job posting:
  • Clean Marina Program Internship with S.C. Sea Grant Consortium
    • $15/hour
    • 20 hours/week
    • The Clean Marina Intern will:
      • Coordinate steering committee activities
      • Coordinate certification/recertification workshops in partnership with S.C. Department of Natural Resources (SCDNR)
      • Coordinate inspection teams and inspections
      • Ensure that marinas are inspected in timely manner according to Clean Marina Program requirements
      • Develop marketing plan and conduct social media activities for CMP
      • Work with Department of Health & Environmental Control to update CMP Presentation and Guidebook, as needed
      • Update CMP Website with links to informational and marketing materials as necessary
      • Respond to CMP applicants and questions
      • Work with SCDNR to include CMP presence at boat shows
    • Position requires a valid driver’s license.
    • Position will be open until the right candidate is found
    • Visit for more information


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