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Admission Requirements

  1. A completed application form with the application fee.
    Deadlines: February 1 for fall admission, November 1 for spring admission.
  2. A personal statement/statement of goals.
  3. One official transcript from each institution of higher learning attended.
  4. An official copy of scores from the general test of the Graduate Record Examination.
  5. OPTIONAL: An official copy of scores from the subject (biology) test of the Graduate Record Examination.
  6. Three letters of recommendation from persons closely associated with previous work related to the discipline.
  7. Undergraduate coursework in the sciences:
    1. A bachelor’s degree.
    2. Twenty semester hours of upper division biological courses, including a course in cellular or molecular biology (or the equivalent) and a course in ecology (or the equivalent).
    3. Chemistry - at least one upper-level course (beyond general chemistry).
    4. General Physics - two courses.
    5. Calculus - one course.
      *Students with otherwise outstanding academic preparation who may lack one of the required courses may be admitted, but could be required to complete the missing courses.
  8. A résumé.
  9. Evidence of a command of spoken and written English (TOEFL score).