The Graduate Program in Marine Biology accepts new research adjunct faculty nominations twice a year. In order to qualify, the nominee should show an interest in marine science, an active publication record, and an interest in mentoring students and/or teaching GPMB courses. Nomination materials must include:

  1. Letter of nomination from current regular or adjunct faculty member
  2. Letter of interest from nominee
  3. Current C.V. of nominee

Please send materials directly to the program director, Craig Plante.

All GPMB adjunct faculty appointments are for three-year terms. Deadlines to nominate new faculty are April 10 for spring nominations and September 10 for fall nominations. Appointment term dates are from July 1–June 30 and from January 1–December 31 for spring and fall nominations, respectively.

Reappointment requests are required when appointment terms are about to expire, or when adjunct faculty relocate or retire. Adjunct faculty willing to get reappointed should submit an updated CV and the Request for Reappointment Form to the GPMB Administrative Coordinator.

Appointment and reappointment letters are mailed from the Office of the Provost to your institutional address. Please sign and return promptly to: Office of the Provost and Academic Affairs, 66 George St., Charleston, SC 29424-0001. New faculty will also be prompted to complete a Personal Data Sheet and Background Check by the Office of Human Resources. Once you complete all the paperwork associated to your new appointment or reappointment a CWID and an email account will be generated for you.