Toxicology/Chemistry Faculty

Faculty research
Faculty Research Potential Primary Advisor*
Barbara A. Beckingham Environmental organic chemistry; human and ecological risk assessment; sediment remediation; microplastics; passive sampling YES
John A. Bowden Environmental chemistry, environmental forensics, metabolomics and lipidomics for human and environmental health assessments, 'omics' measurement, exposomics, identifying and measuring chemicals of emerging concern, mass spectrometry, pre-analytical strategies NO
Katy W. Chung Aquatic toxicology NO
Russell D. Day Biomonitoring of marine ecosystems and organismal health, environmental chemistry, coral stressors, health, and geochemistry, isotopes, heavy metals, trace elements in the marine environment, ocean acidification, sea turtle ecotoxicology NO
Marie E. DeLorenzo Environmental toxicology YES
Leslie B. Hart Environmental exposure to man-made chemicals and resultant health effects; determination of indicators and biomarkers of sublethal health effects resulting from chemical exposure; Development of reference intervals for clinical screening of health abnormalities; Development of mobile applications to detect and evaluate health outcomes  NO
Peter B. Key Aquatic toxicology NO
John R. Kucklick Analytical chemistry, aquatic ecotoxicology NO
Eric W. Montie Marine sensory and neurobiology, marine bioacoustics (sound production and hearing), fish biology, marine mammal biology, toxicology, noise pollution, climate change YES
Paul L. Pennington Marine and estuarine ecotoxicology YES
Lou Ann Reed Environmental chemistry, ecotoxicology NO
Jessica L. Reiner Environmental and marine chemistry, analytical chemistry, bioaccumulation and biomagnification of chemicals of emerging concern, identification and quantification of chemicals of emerging concern YES
Denise M. Sanger Estuarine ecology and ecotoxicology, impacts of coastal development on estuarine environments, stormwater runoff YES
Tracey B. Schock Environmental Metabolomics - assessing health by identifying the physiological changes in marine organisms in response to environmental stressors/change, such as pollutants, disease, or temperature rise NO
Geoffrey I. Scott Aquatic toxicology YES
Vijay Vulava Fate and transport of contaminants in water and soil environments; climate change and stormwater pollution; environmental justice YES
John E. Weinstein Environmental toxicology; physiological ecology and toxicology of invertebrates and fish YES
Edward F. Wirth Effects of pesticides on crustaceans, particularly reproduction and physiology NO

*NO=cannot serve as major advisor, but can serve on thesis committee