Physiology/Development Faculty

Faculty research
Faculty Research Potential Primary Advisor*
Jody M. Beers Environmental and comparative physiology, physiological ecology YES
John A. Bowden Environmental chemistry, environmental forensics, metabolomics and lipidomics for human and environmental health assessments, 'omics' measurement, exposomics, identifying and measuring chemicals of emerging concern, mass spectrometry, pre-analytical strategies NO
Karen G. Burnett Marine biomedicine, immunology, molecular biology of marine organisms NO
Louis E. Burnett, Jr. Environmental physiology, respiration and transport processes in animals NO
Christine A. Byrum Evolution and development of endoderm and mesoderm in marine invertebrates; cell specification and signal transduction; cnidarian gastrulation. Use of the sea urchin as a developmental model at the cellular, molecular, and systems level; evolution of the metazoan body plan NO
Andrew J. Clark Comparative biomechanics and functional morphology YES
Michael R. Denson Fisheries management, aquaculture, stock enhancement YES
Wayne R. Fitzgibbon Applying microphysiological techniques to the study of hormonal regulation of mammalian renal physiology and pathophysiology NO
Michael G. Janech Physiology of marine organisms, molecular and proteomic applications YES
Mark D. Lazzaro Cell biology: cytoskeletal function in pollen tube development; structure and function of plant secretory hairs including salt glands of marine plants; digital and fluorescent microscopy NO
Eric J. McElroy Evolution and ecology of animal performance and functional morphology; functional, physiological and morphological basis of animal behavior YES
Elizabeth Meyer-Bernstein Physiological mechanisms underlying the circadian timing system using Drosophila and mouse model systems. Research includes studies at the molecular, cellular, system and behavioral levels NO
Eric W. Montie Marine sensory and neurobiology, marine bioacoustics (sound production and hearing), fish biology, marine mammal biology, toxicology, noise pollution, climate change YES
Robert D. Podolsky Functional biology and evolutionary ecology of marine invertebrates, larval ecology and life-history evolution, fertilization ecology, physiological ecology, phenotypic plasticity YES
Tracey B. Schock Environmental Metabolomics - assessing health by identifying the physiological changes in marine organisms in response to environmental stressors/change, such as pollutants, disease, or temperature rise NO
Demetri D. Spyropoulos Impacts of environmental obesogens on invertebrate, marine mammal, and human health YES
Jason T. Vance Biomechanics, aerodynamics, and control of insect flight; ontogeny of maximal flight performance and foraging behavior in honey bees NO

*NO=cannot serve as major advisor, but can serve on thesis committee