Leslie Sautter

College of Charleston

Address: Geology Department, 66 George Street, Charleston, SC 29424
Phone: 843.953.5586
E-mail: sautterl@cofc.edu


Ph.D., 1990, University of South Carolina

Research Interests

  • Seasonal particulate flux - open ocean, mostly planktonic Foraminifera
  • Marine science education
  • Mapping and characterizing seafloor habitat


  • Harris, M.S., Sautter, L.R., Johnson, K.L., Luciano, K.E., Sedberry, G., R. Wright, E. E., Siuda, A.N.S., 2013. Continental Shelf landscapes of the Southeastern United States since the last interglacial, Geomorphology (http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.geomorph.2013.02.014)
  • Sautter, L.R., Logsdon, M. and Cooper, P.R., 2013. Developing the ocean survey workforce: the BEAMS Programme, College of Charleston and University of Washington, Hydro International, V. 17, n. 5, p. 36-37.