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Guidelines for talks and posters

Talks are scheduled in 15-minute slots, which means that you should plan on speaking for at least 10 but no more than 12 minutes, leaving time for questions.  The moderator will hold you to this time.  Colloquium sessions run as integrated slide shows; you will need to load your talk into the appropriate folder on the computer in the MRRI auditorium on Friday, September 22, between 1-5pm.

Posters should be in horizontal format, and need to fit on poster boards (54 inches wide by 40 inches high).  The precise dimensions of your poster will depend on the printer you use.  There are several poster-printing options available at Fort Johnson; the option available to you will depend on your advisor and the agency at which you work.  Please ask your advisor and fellow students who have previously made posters for assistance.  A PDF of your poster should be emailed to Shelly Brew ( by 7pm on Monday, September 18. Posters need to be hung on Friday, September 22, by noon.

Feedback will be provided to all presenters (talks and posters) on both content and presentation.  Please remember that you are presenting to a general marine science audience, who may or may not be familiar with the questions, objectives, methods, etc. specific to your work.