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Genomics/Molecular Biology Faculty

Faculty Research Potential Primary Advisor*
Agnes J. Ayme-Southgate Genomics and molecular analysis of insect muscle proteins; protein structure-function relationship and biophysical modeling; application and significance for development, flight physiology and evolution NR
Erin J. Burge Environmental immunology and molecular biology of marine invertebrates and fishes NR
Karen G. Burnett Marine biomedicine, immunology, molecular biology of marine organisms YES
Christine A. Byrum Evolution and development of endoderm and mesoderm in marine invertebrates; cell specification and signal transduction; cnidarian gastrulation. Use of the sea urchin as a developmental model at the cellular, molecular, and systems level; evolution of the metazoan body plan YES
Heather Fullerton Microbial metabolic diversity and ecology YES
Renaud Geslain Molecular and cell biology: the study of RNA-protein interactions, translational machinery used by every living organism to produce proteins from messenger RNA YES
Dianne I. Greenfield Ecology and physiology of coastal phytoplankton YES
Thomas W. Greig Fisheries population genetics, molecular marine forensics, evolutionary ecotoxicology NR
Gerard T. Hardiman Development of diagnostics tools to study the effects of endocrine disruption in sentinel aquatic species YES
Michael G. Janech Physiology of marine organisms, molecular and proteomic applications YES
Christopher A. Korey Drosophila genetics; Molecular genetics of Human neurological disease using Drosophila as a model system NR
Stacy A. Krueger-Hadfield Evolutionary ecology in marine systems NR
Lisa May Microbial ecology and coral-microbe interactions, DNA damage and its effect upon the reproductive potential of coral, effects of stressors on coral health NA
Moshe E. Rhodes Microbial ecology of hypersaline environments, mechanisms and frequency of horizontal gene transfer events, the human microbiome and its impact on immune function YES
Andrew M. Shedlock Genomics, evolution and conservation biology of marine vertebrates NO
Erik E. Sotka Ecology and evolution of marine biotic interactions, larval dispersal, molecular ecology, chemical ecology YES
Demetri D. Spyropoulos Impacts of environmental obesogens on invertebrate, marine mammal, and human health YES
Frances M. Van Dolah Functional genomics of toxic dinoflagellates; effects of algal toxins on marine mammals and human consumers NR
John E. Vena Environmental health, epidemiology, reproductive and developmental health, community-based research YES
Cheryl M. Woodley The application of biomedical concepts and technologies to understand how stressors affect coral health and use this information to design early-warning indicators of conditions posing risks to coral health and fitness YES
Anastasia M. Zimmerman Molecular evolution of the vertebrate immune system, genome-wide analyses of innate and adaptive immune loci in fishes, use of the zebrafish as an immunological model NR

*NR=did not respond to survey; NA=cannot serve as major advisor, but can serve on thesis committee