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Fisheries/Aquaculture Faculty

Faculty Research Potential Primary Advisor*
Michael D. Arendt Environmental influences on animal occurrence; population dynamics and demographic structure; collection of large data sets through remote and/or innovative technologies; time series analysis NA
Nathan M. Bacheler Quantitative fish ecology and fisheries science YES
Joseph C. Ballenger Fish life history and population dynamics; fish biology/ecology; fisheries science/management YES
Shane Boylan Sea turtle health and rehabilitation medicine, fish and invertebrate medicine and husbandry NO
Craig L. Browdy Sustainable aquaculture technology research and development NR
Jeffrey F. Brunson Crustacean fisheries management, applied fisheries research, conservation ecology, population dynamics NA
Walter J. Bubley Fisheries science, fisheries ecology, fish life history (age/growth/reproduction) YES
Loren D. Coen Ecology of bivalve species, related habitats and their culture NO
Mark R. Collins Fish biology and ecology, parasites of fishes NR
Cynthia L. Cooksey Estuarine and marine resource management, regulatory and policy; environmental monitoring and assessments NA
Tanya L. Darden Fish population genetics YES
Nancy H. Hadley
Molluscan mariculture NA
S. Chad Holbrook Freshwater fisheries management, diadromous fisheries management, biotelemetry, fish passage, fish passage efficiency NA
Nikolai Klibansky Reproductive biology, life history evolution, fisheries stock assessment, improving methods and analysis in fisheries science YES
Peter R. Kingsley-Smith
Shellfish restoration and management YES
Philip P. Maier Fisheries research NA
Eric W. Montie Marine sensory and neurobiology, marine bioacoustics (sound production and hearing), fish biology, marine mammal biology, toxicology, noise pollution, climate change YES
Julie A. Neer Fisheries science and management, elasmobranch ecology, life history of fishes, population dynamics NR
John S. Peters Age and growth of fishes NR
Marcel J.M. Reichert Fish ecology, fisheries science YES
William A. Roumillat Biology of fishes NA
Gorka Sancho Behavioral ecology of fishes, fisheries conservation NR
Paul A. Sandifer Biology of decapod Crustacea, aquaculture, coastal ecology YES
Frederick S. Scharf Fisheries biology YES
Tracey Smart Life history ecology, reproductive ecology, biological oceanography, fisheries science NO
J. David Whitaker Crustacean fisheries resource research NA
Dara H. Wilber Shellfish and crustacean fisheries science YES
David M. Wyanski Life history and taxonomy of marine fishes, fisheries biology NA

*NR=did not respond to survey; NA=cannot serve as major advisor, but can serve on thesis committee