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Conservation/Management Faculty

Faculty Research Potential Primary Advisor*
Michael D. Arendt Environmental influences on animal occurrence, population dynamics and demographic structure, collection of large data sets through remote and/or innovative technologies, time series analysis NA
Jeffrey F. Brunson Crustacean fisheries management, applied fisheries research, conservation ecology, population dynamics NA
Walter J. Bubley Fisheries science, fisheries ecology, fish life history (age/growth/reproduction) YES
Loren D. Coen Restoration and management of marine and estuarine habitats, especially those dominated by plants and bivalves NO
Cynthia L. Cooksey Estuarine and marine resource management, regulatory and policy; environmental monitoring and assessments NA
Russell D. Day Biomonitoring of marine ecosystems and organismal health, environmental chemistry, coral stressors, health, and geochemistry, isotopes, heavy metals, trace elements in the marine environment, ocean acidification, sea turtle ecotoxicology YES
M. Richard DeVoe Aquaculture policy; marine/coastal policy and management; science management NA
Peter J. Etnoyer Deep-sea coral diversity and ecology, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for marine conservation and management NO
Nancy H. Hadley Shellfish restoration, conservation and management; mariculture NA
Leslie B. Hart YES
S. Chad Holbrook Freshwater fisheries management, diadromous fisheries management, biotelemetry, fish passage, fish passage efficiency NA
Jeffrey L. Hyland Environmental monitoring and assessments, benthic ecology, ecotoxicology YES

Michael R. Kendrick

Effects of environmental change on the ecology of marine and freshwater invertebrates, population, community and ecosystem ecology, using long-tern data to address e3cological quesitons YES
Susan Lovelace Linkages between coastal environmental health and ecosystem services and human health and human wellbeing NR
Wayne E. McFee Marine mammal strandings, marine mammal life history, dolphin/human interactions NA
Daniel McGlinn Assemblage of ecological communities in space and time; ecological theory applied to understand conservation of biodiversity; role of fire and other disturbances in shaping community structure YES
Paul M. Nolan Behavioral ecology, disease ecology, ornithology, avian habitat selection YES
David Wm. Owens Sea turtle behavior, physiology and ecology NO
Marcel J. M. Reichert Fishery science and management, fish biology and ecology, ecology of marine life bottom habitats, estuarine ecology YES
Denise M. Sanger Estuarine ecology and ecotoxicology, impacts of coastal development on estuarine environments, stormwater runoff YES
Frederick S. Scharf Fisheries biology YES
Brian G. Scholtens Insect biodiversity and conservation biology; plant-insect interactions NR
Lori H. Schwacke Sentinel marine species as indicators of human health risks, epidemiology applied to protected species, population models for risk assessment NR
George R. Sedberry Community population and trophic ecology of marine fishes, coral reef biology, fisheries biology NO
Andrew M. Shedlock Genomics, evolution and conservation biology of marine vertebrates YES
Virginia R. Shervette Coral reef fishes, conservation and fisheries management, fish community and population dynamics, tropical biology YES
Andrew W. Tweel Wetland and coastal landscape ecology and sustainability YES
J. David Whitaker Crustacean fisheries resource research NA
Pace Wilber Geographical information systems YES

*NR=did not respond to survey; NA=cannot serve as major advisor, but can serve on thesis committee