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David Whitaker

South Carolina Department of Natural Resources

Phone: 843.953.9392


M.S. Marine Biology, College of Charleston

Research Interests

  • Crustacean fisheries resource research
  • Maritime forest ecology

Current and planned research projects

  • shrimp population fluctuations
  • ecology of coastal hummock islands
  • best management practices for green development
  • saltmarsh restoration


  • Whitaker, J.D., J.W. McCord, B. Pulley, and E. Mullins.  Best Management Practices for Wildlife in Maritime Forest Developments. SC DNR publication. in press
  • Whitaker, J. D., J.W. McCord, P.P. Maier, A.L. Segars, M.L. Rekow, N. Shea, J. Ayers, and R. Browder. 2004. An Ecological Characterization of Coastal Hammock Islands in South Carolina. Final Rep to Ocean and Coastal Resources Management Office of SC Dept. of Health and Environmental Control. Project 475774. 115 pp.
  • DeLancey, L., J. Jenkins, and D. Whitaker. 1994. Results of long-term, seasonal sampling for Penaeus postlarvae at Breach Inlet, South Carolina. Fish. Bull 92:633-640.
  • Whitaker, J.D., L.B. DeLancey and J.E. Jenkins. 1991. Aspects of the biology and fishery potential for Octopus vulgaris off the coast of South Carolina. Bull. Mar. Sci. 49(1-2): 482-493.
  • Lam, C. F., J. D. Whitaker and F. S. Lee, 1989. Model for white shrimp landings for the central coast of South Carolina. N. Amer. Journal of Fisheries Mgt. 9:12-22.