Robert M. Martore

Address: SCDNR Marine Resources Division, 217 Fort Johnson Road
Phone: 843.953.3903


M.S., 1986, College of Charleston

Research Interests

  • marine artificial reefs

Current and planned research projects

  • trophic relationships of artificial reef communities
  • colonization on new artificial reefs
  • production potential of artificial reef MPA's
  • site fidelity of fishes on artificial reefs


  • Martore, R.M. 1986. Feeding habits and trophic relationships of fishes in wetland impoundments. Master's Thesis, College of Charleston, Charleston, South Carolina. 96p.
  • Martore, R.M. 2003. Use of the Cooper River Bridges in the South Carolina Marine Artificial Reef Program. Preliminary Report, prepared for U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Charleston District, Charleston, S.C.
  • Martore, R.M. 2007. Saltwater Recreational Fisheries License Program: Marine artificial reef development and management. Final Report, prepared for the Saltwater Recreational Fisheries Advisory Committee. South Carolina Department of Natural Resources, Charleston, South Carolina, 20p.
  • Martore, R.M., T.D. Mathews and M. Bell. 1997. Levels of PCBs and heavy metals in biota found on ex-military ships used as artificial reefs. Contribution No. 419 from the South Carolina Marine Resources Center, Marine Resources Division, South Carolina Department of Natural Resources, Charleston, South Carolina, 23p.
  • Martore, R.M. and M. Bell. 1998. Initial findings of a biological survey of the Confederate submarine H.L. HUNLEY. In: Murphy, L.E. (ed.) , H.L. HUNLEY site assessment. Cultural Resources Management Professional Papers, No. 62. Submerged Cultural Resources Unit, Intermountain Region, National Park Service, Santa Fe, New Mexico, pp. 150-151.