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Nikolai Klibansky

NOAA Fisheries - Beaufort Laboratory

Address: 101 Pivers Island Rd., Beaufort, NC 28516
Phone: 252.728.8759


Ph.D., 2013, Marine Biology, University of North Carolina, Wilmington

Research Interests

  • Reproductive biology
  • Life history evolution
  • Fisheries stock assessment
  • Improving methods and analysis in fisheries science

Current research projects

  • Unraveling the Recruitment Problem: A Review of Environmentally Informed Forecasting
  • Impacts of species-selective sampling on biodiversity measures: Case study on video surveys of reef fishes in the Gulf of Mexico
  • Evaluating the influence of spawning dynamics and sampling design on batch fecundity method estimates, through simulation modeling
  • Batch number and fecundity in batch-spawning Fishes: A review and meta-analysis
  • Temporal variation in reproductive output of black sea bass (Centropristis striata): Implications of size-dependent changes in spawning frequency


  • Klibansky, N. and Scharf, F.S. 2015. Success and failure assessing gonad maturity in sequentially hermaphroditic Fishes: comparisons between macroscopic and microscopic methods. Journal of Fish Biology 87(4): 930-957.
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  • Klibansky, N., and Scharf, F. S. 2013. Size-dependent and temporal variability in batch number and fecundity of red porgy, a protogynous, indeterminate spawner, in the U.S. South Atlantic. Marine and Coastal Fisheries, 5: 39-52.
  • Klibansky, N. and Juanes, F. 2008. Procedures for efficiently producing high-quality fecundity data on a small budget. Fisheries Research. 89: 84-89.
  • Klibansky, N. and Juanes, F. 2007. Species-specific effects of four different preservatives on oocytes and ovarian material of Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua), haddock (Melanogrammus aeglefinus), and American plaice (Hippoglossoides platessoides). Fishery Bulletin. 105: 538-547.