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Chad Holbrook

South Carolina Department of Natural Resources

Address: Dennis Wildlife Center, 305 Black Oak Rd., Bonneau, SC 29431
Phone: 843.825.3387


M.S., 2006, Tennessee Technological University

Research Interests

  • Freshwater fisheries management
  • Diadromous fisheries management
  • Biotelemetry
  • Fish passage
  • Fish passage efficiency

Current research projects

  • Movement of adult American shad in Lakes Marion and Moultrie
  • Atlantic and shortnose sturgeon stock structure and movement in South Carolina's coastal rivers
  • Passage efficiency of American shad and blueback herring at St. Stephen Fish Lift
  • Determining run counts for American shad and blueback herring at Pinopolis Lock


  • Holbrook, S. C., Byars, W. D., Lamprecht, S. D., Leitner J. K. 2012.  Retention and Physiological Effects of Surgically Implanted Telemetry Transmitters in Blue Catfish.  North American Journal of Fisheries Management 32: 276-281.