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Renaud Geslain

College of Charleston

Address: Department of Biology, 66 George Street, Charleston, SC 29424
Phone: 843.953.8080


Ph.D., Molecular and Cellular Biology, The University of Strasbourg, France.

Research Interests

  • The study of RNA-protein interactions: from their discovery and characterization to their therapeutic applications
  • The translational machinery used by every living organism to produce proteins from messenger RNA
  • Lab work combines approaches such as molecular biology, tissue culture, RNA microarray, genetics and drug design

Current Research Projects

  • Characterization of the translation machinery in bacteria, yeast, plant and human cancer cells


  • McShane A, Hok E, Tomberlin J, Eriani G, Geslain R. The Enzymatic Paradox of Yeast Arginyl-tRNA Synthetase: Exclusive Arginine Transfer Controlled by a Flexible Mechanism of tRNA Recognition. PLoS One. 2016 11(2):e0148460.
  • Eriani G, Karam J, Jacinto J, Morris Richard E, Geslain R. MIST, a Novel Approach to Reveal Hidden Substrate Specificity in Aminoacyl-tRNA Synthetases. PLoS One. 2015 10(6):e0130042.
  • Geslain R. and Eriani G. (2014). Regulation of translation dynamic and neoplasmic conversion by transfer RNA and their pieces. Translation. 2014 2(1):e28586.
  • Geslain R., Uddin S., Liu H., Zhou Y., Ulaszek J.,Van Besien K., Pan T.,Wickrema A. (2013). Distinct functions of erythropoietin and stem cell factor are linked to activation of mTOR Kinase signaling pathway in human erythroid progenitors. Cytokine 61:329-35.