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Steve Arnott

South Carolina Department of Natural Resources

Address: Marine Resources Research Institute, 217 Fort Johnson Road, Charleston, SC 29412
Phone: 843.953.9794


Ph.D., University of Glasgow

Research Interests

  • Fisheries ecology, life history evolution, parasite ecology, climate change

Current and planned research projects

  • Long-term monitoring of estuarine fish populations
  • Responses of estuarine ecosystems to climate change
  • Effects of parasites on fish populations
  • Molecular detection and quantification of planktonic fish eggs


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  • Hein JL, Arnott SA, Roumillat WA, Allen DM & de Buron I. (2014) The invasive swim bladder parasite, Anguillicoloides crassus: status of infection 15 years after discovery in wild populations of American eel, Anguilla rostrata. Diseases of Aquatic Organisms, 107: 199-209.
  • Kingsley-Smith PR, Joyce RE, Arnott SA, Roumillat WA, McDonough CJ, Reichert MJM. (2012) Habitat use of intertidal eastern oyster (Crassostrea virginica) reefs by nekton in South Carolina estuaries. Journal of Shellfish Research, 31: 1009-1021.
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  • Arnott, S.A. Chiba, S. & Conover, D.O. (2006) Evolution of intrinsic growth rate: metabolic costs drive tradeoffs between growth and swimming performance inMenidia menidiaEvolution. 60: 1269-1278.
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